Can we reach you?

If you are a practical nurse in Manitoba, keeping your personal contact information up-to-date with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) will ensure you receive important information about your profession, your practice and your licence.

The CLPNM’s primary means of communicating with registrants is by email. By email, we send out information on new and revised practice requirements, registration renewal notices, and other matters that affect your profession.

Other important information is sent by mail, such as notices when a registration is at risk of being revoked, suspended or cancelled, or when a condition on a registration is being applied or lifted. The CLPNM also contacts registrants by phone, for example, to gather information about an incomplete application or to remind applicants of time-sensitive requirements.

The CLPNM contacts registrants throughout the year, so it is important that your personal contact information is updated as soon as it changes, even outside of the registration renewal window. Under CLPNM By-Law, registrants have an obligation to notify the CLPNM of any changes to their personal contact information throughout the registration year.

To update your contact information, or to check its accuracy, log into your online CLPNM registration profile. If you have forgotten your user ID or password for the registration system, find out how to recover them in our FAQ.