CLPNM Annual General Meeting

The 2017 AGM and luncheon will take place on June 5th.

Location: Canad Inns Fort Garry, 1824 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Registration: 11:00 am
Call to order: 11:30 am
Luncheon: 1:00 pm (optional, $35)

All Licensed Practical Nurse registered in Manitoba are entitled to voice and vote at the AGM.
All others, including Graduate Practical Nurses, Student Practical Nurses, CLPNM stakeholders and members of the public are encouraged to attend, and are entitled to voice at the AGM.

Rules of Order and Procedure
Proposed By-Law Changes

Please contact the CLPNM to register in advance by email, and please be sure to note whether you plan to stay for the luncheon.
There is no cost to attend the AGM. If you are attending the luncheon, there is a cost of $35.

You may also register using the form below.

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