Annual Renewal

LPN Registrations Expire November 30th

If you are an LPN, your license and authorization to practice expires each year on November 30th at midnight.  If you wish to continue to practice in Manitoba after that date, you must renew your registration. For the lowest renewal fee, your renewal application must be completed and approved before November 1st at midnight. For the best access to support, and for the opportunity to submit any required information missing from you application before late fees apply, you are strongly encouraged to complete your renewal application as early as possible when the renewal window opens.

A complete renewal application package includes all of the following:

  • An accurate and complete renewal form, submitted using the College’s online registration system.
  • Verification of your practice hours, if verification was requested by the College on your renewal notice.
  • Submission of all required CCP audit materials,  if you were selected to participate in the CCP audit.
  • Full payment of all applicable fees.
  • Full payment of any outstanding amounts owed to the College.
  • Any additional information the Executive Director may require to confirm your suitability and eligibility to practice as a member of the profession. Applicants required to provide additional information will be advised directly by the CLPNM.

Once your complete application package is received,  it will be assessed against the criteria for registration before your renewal is approved.  Your registration must be approved before midnight on November 1st to avoid late fees. Be sure to submit your application early, leaving you time to correct errors or deficiencies in your application before the deadline.

For more information, see the  CLPNM Registration Renewal Guide.
You can access the online renewal system here!
Not sure of your UserID or password for the system? See here.

Renewal Notices

Renewal notices were sent out to all active practising LPNs by email with information about renewing registration for the 2017 registration year. If your renewal email informed you that you were selected for the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Audit, this is your renewal notice. If your renewal email did not mention the CCP Audit, this is your renewal notice. Note that renewal postcards were not issued by mail this year due to the risk of disruption to Canada Post service. If you did not receive your renewal notice by email, you can still proceed with your renewal and can determine whether you were selected for the CCP Audit by logging into the online renewal system.

After the November 1st Deadline

Registrants who complete their renewal application package between November 2nd and November 30th at midnight will pay a late filing fee of $100.

Registrants who do not complete their renewal application package by November 30th at midnight will no longer be authorized to practice. Between December 1st and 15th, your registration will be in default and you will be required to pay the late filing fee of $100 as well as the default reactivation fee of $125 before returning to practice.

If you have not submitted a complete renewal application package by December 15th at midnight, your registration will be cancelled. You will be required to reapply to the profession before returning to practice in Manitoba.

Note that your current year’s registration authorizes practice up to and including November 30th. If your license is in default or cancelled after that date, you cannot practice. Unauthorized practice is subject to a $500 penalty.