Students and Graduates

Any person who wishes to practice as a student practical nurse (SPN) or graduate practical nurse (GPN) in Manitoba must be registered with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba.

An applicant for registration as a student may have his or her name entered on the register of students if he or she is currently enrolled full-time or part-time in a practical nursing education program, a practical nursing bridging program, or a practical nursing refresher program. Registration as a student shall be for a period of 12 months, and may be renewed, on application, in accordance with section 20 of the Licensed Practical Nurses Regulation. When a student completes the program or ceases to be enrolled as a student in the program, his or her registration is cancelled.

For more information, please see the Student Practical Nurse Registration Fact Sheet.

For information on eligibility for, and duration of, a graduate practical nurse license, please see the Regulatory Bulletin on Graduate Practical Nurse Practice.

SPNs and GPNs must also review Article 3 of the CLPNM By-Laws, which identify obligations of all CLPNM members, including SPNs and GPNs.