Practice Guidance

These documents are intended to provide guidance on LPN practice in Manitoba. All licensed practical nurses (LPNs), graduate practical nurses (GPNs), and student practical nurses (SPNs) are expected to practice in accordance with these documents.

Standards of Practice
Code of Ethics
Regulatory Bulletins

Please note that Article 3 of the CLPNM By-Laws also specify rights and obligations of CLPNM registrants, some of which may affect their practice.

General Guidance

These documents are intended to provide practical nurses, employers and other stakeholders with general information and guidance on role of LPNs within Manitoba’s health care system.

Competency Documents
Duty to Report Interpretive Document
Guidance for Nurses on Medical Assistance in Dying
Determining Appropriate LPN Practice
Guiding Principles for Determining the Appropriate Nurse
MNU and CLPNM Viewing of the Body Joint Statement
Apology Act Information Sheet

Fact Sheets and Guides

These documents are intended to offer helpful information about CLPNM processes and programs.

Clinical Competence Assessment Fact Sheet
CCP Audit Fact Sheet for Employers 
CCP Instruction Guide for LPNs
Criminal Record and Abuse Registry Checks Fact Sheet
Periodic Criminal Record and Abuse Registry Fact Sheet
Complaint Process Fact Sheet
Student Practical Nurse Registration Fact Sheet
Reinstatement Fact Sheet
Registration Renewal Guide
Reporting a Complaint Fact Sheet

Recorded Presentations and Webinars

Continuing Competence Program Overview
Code of Ethics Overview
Medical Assistance in Dying Webinar
Documentation Guidelines