The By-Laws of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) are established by the CLPNM Board within its authority under The Licensed Practical Nurses Act. The By-Laws set out rules on matters such as:

  • how the CLPNM is to be governed
  • how meetings of the membership and of the Board are to be conducted
  • procedures and criteria for election and appointment to the Board
  • the committees that support the Board in its governance function, and
  • the rights, privileges and obligations of each class of membership.

Review the complete CLPNM By-Laws here.

2020 By-Law Revisions

Note that, in April, 2020, the CLPNM Board of Directors approved a revision to the By-Laws to allow for the temporary continuation of the current Board of Directors. This change was introduced as part of the CLPNM’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the by-law change is to provide for stability in the governance of the CLPNM during a time of uncertainty and change. Please view a summary of the 2020 by-law amendments here and contact the CLPNM by email with any comments or questions you may have.