Research Requests

Posted: April, 2021

The CLPNM Board of Directors has approved a policy outlining the circumstances in which the CLPNM may agree to requests, from external researchers, for assistance in recruiting Manitoba’s practical nurses as participants in their research activities.  The policy is as follows.

Policy Statements

  1. The CLPNM will consider requests from external researchers to share information about research studies with CLPNM registrants under the following circumstances:

a. The study is affiliated with a reputable post-secondary institution or government agency and does not have a commercial affiliation.

b. The study has received approval from a Research Ethics Board, and confirmation of this approval is provided to the CLPNM.

c. The timelines associated with the study are communicated to the CLPNM along with the request, and the timelines can be accommodated by the CLPNM without negative impacts to  CLPNM operations.

d. The researcher provides information about the study for the CLPNM’s review, and the CLPNM determines that the study, its objectives, and its communication material:

I. are not controversial
II. would not pose a reputational risk to the CLPNM, and
III. do not conflict with the values, policies, or mandate of the CLPNM.

2. The CLPNM will decline to distribute information about research studies to its registrants if the criteria outlined in paragraph 1. is not met or if the CLPNM does not have enough information to assess whether the criteria are met.

3. If, due to its own operational priorities, the CLPNM is unable to prioritize the time required to vet all research requests it receives against the criteria set out in paragraph 1, the CLPNM will prioritize those that:

a. Are made by national research bodies, such as Statistics Canada or the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, or

b. Have a clear and direct connection to health workforce or health system planning in Manitoba, or

c. Are made by a key CLPNM stakeholder with whom the CLPNM has a reciprocal working relationship, such as the Government of Manitoba.

4. Once the CLPNM has agreed to facilitate recruitment for a study, the CLPNM may charge a fee to cover the operational cost to the CLPNM associated with preparing and distributing the information (whether by mail or electronically).  The Executive Director will make the decision whether to charge a fee, based on an assessment of the time involved for CLPNM staff.

5. The CLPNM will abide by its confidentiality obligations under The Licensed Practical Nurses Ac (the Act), and the CLPNM’s Confidentiality Policy, when agreeing to facilitate requests from researchers.  Consequently:

a. If the CLPNM agrees to facilitate recruitment for a research study, it will distribute information about the research to its registrants directly, enabling them to choose whether or not participate and self-identify to the researchers.

b. The CLPNM will not disclose any personal information regarding its registrants, other than information deemed publicly available under the Act, to third-party researchers without the registrants’ consent.

Contact Information

Any researchers with questions about this policy, or who wish to submit a request for assistance in recruiting practical nurses for a research study, are encouraged to contact Renata Neufeld, CLPNM Deputy Director, at  


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