The CLPNM is now accepting scanned copies or photographs of certain documents, provided that the documents meet the criteria laid out below.

New in 2021:  If you are a licensed practical nurse (LPN) that has been selected to supply your suitability checks as part of the periodic suitability check program, you will now be required to upload your documents directly into your CLPNM profile.  For further information, please click here.

Documents / Purposes

The CLPNM will accept scans, photocopies or photographs of the following:

  • Original identity documents, submitted in support of any application for registration, and
  • Original suitability checks (criminal record checks, adult abuse registry checks, child abuse registry checks) in support of any new application for registration

Please note that the CLPNM continues to accept documents by mail as well.



Digital documents will be accepted for the purposes set out above if:

  • the scan or photograph is in color,
  • all borders of the document are visible,
  • the scan or photograph is clearly legible, and
  • both sides of the document have been scanned or photographed, even if the back page is blank.

The CLPNM reserves the right to request the originals if we are unable to authenticate the scanned documents.

Your digital submission(s) and/or any questions can be directed to