About the CCP Audit

As a self-regulating profession, LPNs hold one another accountable for maintaining and continually developing their professional competence. This is carried out, in part, through the CCP Audit.

Each year, 10% of Manitoba’s LPNs are randomly selected for a detailed review of their CCP activities to confirm that their learning plans and professional development activities are contributing to their competence, are relevant to their area of practice, and are consistent with all other requirements of the program.

The CCP Audit supports the CLPNM in meeting its mandate to ensure that LPNs provide safe, competent and ethical nursing care. It also assists LPNs in meeting their professional obligation to maintain and build their competence as nurses. When an LPN is selected for the CCP Audit, participating in the audit and meeting all associated deadlines is a requirement for ongoing registration with the CLPNM.

If you are an LPN in Manitoba, your obligation to participate in the CCP and the CCP Audit is described in the CLPNM’s Practice Direction on the Continuing Competence Program. If you have been selected for the audit this year, detailed information about what is expected of you prior to and during the audit is included in the CLPNM’s CCP Instruction Guide.

What to Submit

Be sure to review the CCP Instruction Guide for detailed instructions on what documents to submit for the audit, and how to submit them.

Provisional Registration

LPNs selected for the CCP Audit are granted provisional registrations. Provisional registration does not impact the ability to practise, provided that those selected for the audit participate in the audit and meet all related directions and deadlines. Those who successfully complete the audit will have their provisional registrations converted to approved registrations. Those who do not meet the requirements of the CCP or of the audit may have their provisional registrations revoked.

Important Note

All audit results will be sent by email, to the address on record with the CLPNM. LPNs participating in the audit are responsible for keeping their email address up to date with the CLPNM, and for checking their email regularly, including junk folders. An LPN who has not received their results within a week of the date that results expected is responsible for contacting the CLPNM.

Check back soon for a schedule of the dates that CCP Audit results will be sent out in 2020. 

If you still have questions contact the CLPNM Practice Department at ccp@clpnm.ca, 204-663-1212, or 1-877-663-1212 toll free.

Important Dates

  • January 22: Expect results from Phase 1 of the audit (if you were selected for the audit)
  • February 19: Expect results from Phase 2 of the audit (if you are required to participate)
  • March 16: Expect results from Phase 3 of the audit (if you are required to participate)

If you have been selected for the audit, and have not yet received your results by the dates listed above, be sure to contact the CLPNM.