The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) supports the profession’s commitment to safe, competent care and lifelong learning. The program is designed so that each LPN has the flexibility to identify and pursue learning goals that are relevant to their own needs and areas of current or future practice. In order to maintain and continuously build their competence, all Manitoba LPNs undertake the following.

  • Practice Hours: LPNs maintain and build their knowledge, judgment and skill through active practice. LPNs are expected to have practised a minimum of 1000 hours in the previous four-years.
  • Self-Assessment: Each year, LPNs formally assess their knowledge, judgment, skill and learning to identify gaps and areas for further learning.
    Access the CLPNM Self-Assessment Tool here. Please be sure to save the information you enter to your own device.
  • Learning Plans: Each year, LPNs create two formal learning plans outlining their learning goals for that year, the relevance of those goals to their current or expected areas of practice, the means they have undertaken or will take to meet those goals, and the impact of the learning on their practice.
    Access the CLPNM Learning Plan Template here. Please be sure to save the information you enter to your own device. If you need more space than the template provides, you may create a separate document as long as it includes all of the same  content.
  • Professional Portfolio: LPNs create and continuously update a portfolio of professional education materials gathered while achieving their educational goals. This portfolio serves as evidence of past learning, a compilation of current study materials, and as a reference for refreshing knowledge in future.

CCP participation contributes to professional growth and to safe, competent care. CCP participation is also required in order to maintain and renew registration with the CLPNM. The CLPNM confirms LPNs’ participation in these activities through an annual review conducted by LPN peers, referred to as the CCP Audit.

For More Information

Your obligation to participate in the CCP and the CCP audit, as a member of Manitoba’s LPN profession, is described in the CLPNM Practice Direction on the Continuing Competence Program.

Detailed instructions on how to meet the requirements of the CCP are available in the CCP Instruction Guide.

If, after reviewing the Instruction Guide, you still have questions about the CCP, review the CCP Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the CLPNM Practice Department at, 204-663-1212 or 1-877-663-1212 toll free.

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