Is CCP participation mandatory?



Yes. Participation in the CCP every year is mandatory for all LPNs. As per The Licensed Practical Nurses Act and Regulation, participating in the CCP is a requirement for annual registration renewal.  The elements of the program are set out in the CLPNM Practice Direction: Continuing Competence Program.


When must I participate in the CCP?


You are expected to participate in the CCP as soon as you are registered with the CLPNM. You will then continue to participate each year as long as you maintain your active practising registration with the CLPNM, regardless of your employment status. You are required to meet the requirements of the CCP each year, whether or not you are selected for the CCP Audit.


How is my CCP participation verified?


Each year, during registration renewal, you will be asked to declare whether you have participated in the CCP. Please note that your declaration may be verified by the CLPNM at any time. Continuing competence activities are also verified each year through the CCP Audit.




Will there be an audit of 2022 CCP activities?


The CLPNM has an obligation, set out in The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, to establish a Continuing Competence Program (CCP) to promote the competence of Manitoba’s LPNs. The CLPNM is also responsible for monitoring LPNs’ participation in the CCP.

The CLPNM Board of Directors made the decision to cancel the audit of LPNs’  2020 and 2021 CCP activities recognizing that, in the context of the Pandemic, all LPNs were engaged in a great deal of learning in both years.  LPNs were advised that they were still expected to engage in learning and that the only change to the CCP was that (for those two years) their learning activities would not be audited.

In keeping with its legislated mandate to supervise LPNs’ competence, the CLPNM will be resuming the CCP Audit. Returning to normal continuing competence activities is consistent with the approaches being taken by other professional regulatory bodies that paused some or all of their CCP requirements in 2020 and/or 2021.

I’ve been off work. Am I still expected to participate in the CCP and the CCP audit?


Yes. Maintaining and building your competence as a nurse is a requirement for maintaining your registration with the CLPNM. If you are off work, but intend to remain registered as an LPN with the CLPNM, you must meet the requirements of the CCP.


Why was I audited last year and then again this year?

The CCP Audit runs in four-year cycles. Each year, a random list is generated including ten percent (10%) of active practising registrants. After a registrant is chosen for an audit, their name is removed from the list for the remainder of that four-year cycle. However, if you were selected at the end of one cycle, and then again at the beginning of the next, it is possible that you will be audited two years in a row.


I submitted my documents by the renewal deadline. Does that mean I've met the requirements of the audit?

Not necessarily. Although the documents required for the CCP Audit are due by the registration renewal deadline, they will not be reviewed and assessed until the audit takes place the following winter. At the end of each phase of the audit, you will be notified by email if you have, or have not, met the requirements of the program. Please review the timelines listed in the CCP Instruction Guide.


Can I request an exemption?

As long as you hold registration with the CLPNM, there are no exemptions from participating in the CCP. However, on rare occasions exemptions from the CCP Audit may be granted by the Executive Director if there is an extenuating circumstance, such as a significant personal health-related issue, that interferes with your ability to participate in the audit. Travel or a busy work schedules will not be reason enough for an exemption.

If you request an exemption because of a significant health-related issue, the CLPNM may also require additional information from you in order to assess whether the circumstances prompting the request for an exemption may also affect your capacity for safe nursing practice.

If you plan to request an exemption, you are strongly encouraged to do so by October 1. If your request is denied, this will leave you enough time to submit your CCP materials before the November 1 deadline so you can avoid late registration fees. Your request must be made in writing and addressed to the Executive Director. Evidence supporting your extenuating circumstance will be required.

Note that any person granted an exemption will be returned to the audit pool for future years.

I was granted a provisional registration. What does that mean?
A provisional registration means that your registration for the coming year depends on the results of the audit. If the audit confirms you have met all the requirements of the CCP, your provisional registration will be converted to an approved registration. If you are not successful in demonstrating that you’ve met the requirements of the CCP, or if you do not meet deadlines during the audit, your provisional registration may be revoked.


Can I complete my renewal application, and then submit my CCP materials later?

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, you will enter your learning plans directly into your online registration renewal application for the 2023 registration year. 

 If you are selected for the CCP Audit, your learning plans will be part of your renewal application. If they are blank, your renewal will not process or be approved. 


How do I submit my CCP materials?

Beginning in the summer of 2022, Manitoba’s LPNs will have the ability to enter their annual learning plans directly into their online CLPNM registration profile. LPNs who are selected for the CCP Audit, in the Fall of 2022, will have an opportunity to review/revise those learning plans before they get submitted as part of their online application for 2023 registration renewal.

Learning plans will only be submitted for the audit as part of the online registration renewal application. The CLPNM will no longer accept learning plans for the CCP Audit, by email, fax, mail or in person.  The CLPNM will be posting resources on our website to provide step-by-step instructions on how to submit learning plans through the online registration system.

Check back for more information!


Do I have to send in my self-assessment or professional portfolio?

These do not need to be submitted to the CLPNM by the registration renewal deadline. However, if the CCP auditors require further information from you, they may direct you to submit one or both of these.


How will I be notified of my audit results?
You will be notified of the results of each audit phase by email. If the auditors determine that additional information or follow-up action from you is needed, this direction will also be specified in the email. These emails will be sent at the end of each audit phase. Please check the CLPNM website during the audit for a list of the specific dates you can expect to receive your results.

If the dates posted on the website have passed and you have not yet received your results from the CLPNM, you should assume that the correspondence was sent and that you missed seeing it in your inbox.  It is your responsibility to contact the CLPNM to ensure you are aware of your audit results and the auditors’ direction before you miss any important deadlines.

In addition to the correspondence you will receive from the CLPNM by email throughout the audit, you may receive some important notices by mail to your home address on record with the CLPNM. For example, if deadlines are not met during the audit and your provisional licence is revoked, you will be notified by registered mail.

To ensure you do not miss time-sensitive correspondence from the CLPNM that could affect your licence, please be sure that all of your contact information on file with the CLPNM is accurate and up-to-date throughout the audit. Also be sure to check your email regularly, including your junk folder. If you are not sure whether the CLPNM has your current contact information, check your contact information in your online registration profile.


How will I access my audit results if I am away?
Most of the CLPNM’s communication with you during the audit will be by email. For this reason, LPNs selected for the audit must make all arrangements possible to ensure they have regular access to email throughout the audit period, even if they are on holiday.

The CLPNM recognizes that, in rare circumstances, you may not be able to arrange for email access. In these circumstances, it is up to you to contact the CLPNM by other means (e.g. by phone) to verify your results at the end of each phase. If you do not, you are at risk of missing important time-sensitive direction that could affect your licence. Dates that you can expect to receive audit results will be posted on the CLPNM website during the audit period.

Also note that, although communication of audit results will be by email, if your provisional licence is revoked as a result of failing to meet the auditors’ deadlines and directions, you will be notified by registered mail (or by another traceable delivery service) sent to the mailing address on file with the CLPNM. If you are on holiday, having a friend or family member collect your mail and notify you of any correspondence from the CLPNM is strongly recommended.

I've just received an email that says I've met the CCP requirements. Do I have to do anything else?

No. This means that you have successfully completed the CCP Audit and no further action is required.


I've just received an email that says I did not meet the CCP requirements. What are my next steps?

The email will include a summary of the CCP auditors’ assessment of your documents and their specific instructions to you regarding what to submit for the next phase of the audit. You will also be given a deadline for submitting these revised documents.

Please refer to The Audit Process section of the CCP Instruction Guide for further information related to audit timelines.

What if I do not meet the requirements of the program?


Any registrant who is selected for the CCP Audit and who does not:

  • meet all directions and deadlines related to the audit process, or
  • demonstrate continuing competence by the end of the three-phase audit process

has not met the requirements for registration, and as such, may have their provisional registration revoked.

This occurs rarely. The CCP is not meant to be a punitive process, nor is the audit. The CLPNM and peer auditors endeavor to support LPNs throughout the process, and the vast majority of LPNs are successful.

More information on an LPN’s professional expectations in relation to the CCP and the CCP Audit can be found in the CCP Practice Direction.

How can I access more information?


The CLPNM’s expectations for continuing competence are set out in its Practice Direction: Continuing Competence Program.

Additional information to assist LPNs in meeting the requirements of the CCP and the CCP Audit is available in the CCP Instruction Guide.

If you have read through the Instruction Guide and still have questions, you can access further information by:

  • Reviewing all of the information about the CCP and the CCP Audit on the CLPNM website.
  • Calling the CLPNM at 204-663‐1212 or at 1-877-663-1212 toll free
  • Emailing the CLPNM at




Will my employer be made aware of my audit status and results?
As per 4(2) of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, the CLPNM must carry out its duties in a manner that serves and protects the public. With that in mind, the CLPNM must provide employers with reasonable notice when LPNs in their employment are at risk of having their registration revoked as a result of not meeting audit requirements. This ensures employers are able to make any staffing adjustments necessary to ensure the public is not at risk. The CLPNM also notifies employers when an LPN’s provisional registration has been revoked. Information on who has registration status with the CLPNM is deemed public information, as per 7(3) of the Act.


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