Fillable Forms

Here are some tips for getting most out of the interactive fillable PDF forms on the CLPNM website.

1. You must have an application capable of supporting fillable forms installed on your computer, tablet or smart phone. iOS devices may not have the necessary application by default; you may need to install one. Also note that Adobe Reader prior to v. 8 will not support interactive forms.

2. Note that fillable forms are responsive in some web browsers than in others. If the forms are slow to load or crash, try opening the same form in a different web browser, or install a newer version of your preferred web browser.

3. Do not complete the form using the Preview application on a Mac. Your content is unlikely to save properly.

4. Once you’ve confirmed that your device does have an application that can support fillable PDF forms, open the form on the CLPNM website, and save it to your device before filling in your content. Some forms are more responsive when saved first.

5. Complete the form, then remember to save it again.

6. Be sure to check the form itself, or accompanying documentation, for specific instructions on how to submit it. Some CLPNM programs have different requirements. Contact us at or 204-663-1212 if you are unsure.

If you are unable to use the interactive fields in the fillable forms, simply print the blank form and complete it by hand prior to submitting it to the CLPNM.

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