Continuing Competence

Lifelong learning is essential to a nurse’s continuing competence.

CLPNM’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP) exists to ensure that Manitoba’s LPNs retain and continuously build upon their knowledge, judgment and skill. The program also ensures that LPNs remain up-to-date on evolving evidence and best-practice in their field. This contributes to high-quality, safe care for Manitobans.

Manitoba LPNs maintain and build their competence by:

  • maintaining a professional portfolio,applying their knowledge, judgment and skill through active practice
    (at least 1000 hours in the previous four-years)
  • completing self-assessments
    developing personal professional learning plans, and
  • meeting their learning goals.

All LPNs participate in these activities every year in order to maintain their registration with the CLPNM.

The CLPNM is required to establish a continuing competence program under section 15 of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act.

In order to monitor participation in continuing competence activities, the CLPNM conducts an annual review referred to as the CCP Audit.

CCP Information Sessions are Now Online!

The CCP information session is now available online only, in the form of a recorded presentation. The presentation is available below.

For most applicants and registrants, viewing the presentation is optional and is intended as a helpful resource.

Some applicants and registrants are required to watch the recorded presentation. This requirement applies to reinstatement applicants, and registrants who do not meet the requirements of the CCP Audit, after Phase 2 of the audit. In these cases, completing a quiz about the CCP will also be required. A link to the quiz will be sent to applicable registrants and applicants by email. If you have been directed to do so, completing the CCP quiz is required. However, achieving a pass score on the quiz is not required. The purpose of the quiz is simply to reinforce your learning.

For More Information

If you are registered as an LPN in Manitoba, your professional obligation to participate in the CCP and the CCP Audit is described in the CLPNM Practice Direction on the Continuing Competence Program.

Detailed instructions on how to meet the requirements of the program are available in the CCP Instruction Guide. Further information is available in the CCP Frequently Asked Questions.

If, after reviewing these resources, you still have questions about the CCP, contact the CLPNM Practice Department at, 204-663-1212 or 1-877-663-1212 toll free.