COVID-19: All Non-Essential Health Services to Cease

In an effort to reduce community transmission of COVID-19, on Sunday, March 22, 2020, Dr. Brent Roussin, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, and Lanette Sirugasa, Chief Nursing Officer for Shared Health Manitoba, issued the directive that all non-essential and elective health services should immediately cease or be reduced to minimal levels.

View the directive here.

Allowable exceptions include:

  • emergency services, or
  • time-sensitive services necessary to avert or avoid negative patient outcomes OR to avert or avoid situations that would have direct impact on patient safety.

Employers, within the publicly-operated health care system, will determine which services are essential and are to be maintained in coordination with this provincial directive. LPNs who work within the publicly-operated health care system will receive further guidance from their employer regarding their duties.

LPNs who work outside of the publicly-operated health care system, including those who are self-employed, must take responsibility for discontinuing all non-essential services at this time, in response to the directive.

If you are a self-employed LPN, see here for more information.

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