COVID-19 and Your Practice

LPNs are expected to ensure they are familiar with their employer’s policies on COVID-19, and to disclose all recent international and inter-provincial travel or potential exposure to COVID-19 to appropriate authorities.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

LPNs are expected to review credible and reliable sources of information, daily, for updates on COVID-19 that may affect their practice. In particular, LPNs are encouraged to review:

To learn more about the virus, visit the World Health Organization’s info page and the government of Canada’s Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Guidance for all Manitobans, published by the Province of Manitoba, is available here.  This guidance includes information about social distancing and self-isolation.

Meeting Professional Standards in a Disease Outbreak

LPNs with questions about how to meet their professional standards during a disease outbreak are strongly encouraged to review:

Meeting professional standards during a disease outbreak is specifically discussed on page 7 of the second document.

LPNs are also encouraged to review and reflect on all of their professional expectations, including:

Please contact the CLPNM with questions at:
204-663-1212 (ext. 322)
1-877-663-1212 toll free (ext. 322)