Important Notice for LPNs Enrolled in the PPP

The CLPNM Board of Directors has approved an increase to registration fees for licensed practical nurses, beginning in the 2020 registration year.  The new fee will be $493.50 (including GST).

If you are enrolled in the CLPNM’s Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPP), the change in fee amounts will have implications for your upcoming monthly withdrawals.

To cover the full cost of your 2020 registration fee, you should expect an increase of $52.50 to your next two PPP withdrawals.The amount that will be withdrawn from your bank account on both July 15 and August 15, 2019 is $91.35.

If you do not agree to this amount being withdrawn from your account on July 15 and August 15, you must contact the CLPNM Business Manager to opt out of the PPP.

If you withdraw from the PPP, it is important to note that you will be responsible for arranging to pay the additional $105 owing towards your 2020 registration fee, prior to the registration renewal deadline. Please note that, if the full amount is not paid prior to the renewal deadline, your renewal will not be processed and you will incur late fees.

If you choose to remain enrolled in the PPP, the future monthly pre-authorized payment amount for the 2021 registration year, beginning November 15, 2019, will be $49.35.

If you have any questions, please contact the CLPNM Business Manager at

If you are not yet enrolled in PPP and wish to be, the application form is available here.