Registration Fee Update

A change in registration fees is being proposed. The CLPNM recognizes that fee increases are never popular. However, we hope that LPNs will recognize the value of paying the equivalent of roughly $8 more per month ($100/12) to provide their professional regulatory body the resources it needs to carry out important work that supports the public interest, and has a direct impact on LPN practice.

  Proposed Fees* To Take Effect
Licensed Practical Nurse $470 per year 2020 Registration Renewal
Student Practical Nurse $75 per year June, 2019
Graduate Practical Nurse $125 for a four-month registration June, 2019

*Plus GST

Why is a fee increase being proposed?

The decision to propose a fee increase is something that the CLPNM considered very carefully.  It is being proposed because:

  • Fees paid by applicants and registrants are the only source of funding available to the CLPNM. A profession that is given the privilege to self-regulate is responsible for funding the costs of regulation.
  • The unfortunate reality is that fees cannot stay static indefinitely. Eventually they must go up, even just to keep pace with inflation.
  • The CLPNM requires additional revenue to meet growing costs and new demands.
  • The longer the CLPNM goes without a fee increase, the more likely it is that the fee will have to be increased even higher, and/or a special levy will have to be applied, to make up for years of deficits.

Although the CLPNM’s mandate is to serve the public interest, the interests of the public and the interests of LPNs are not mutually exclusive. Much of the work that the CLPNM carries out contributes to outcomes that are important to LPNs, as well as to the public.

We understand that you may have questions.


Please visit our Registration Fee FAQs for answers to questions you may have.