Revised Standards of Practice: Feedback Wanted

The CLPNM is revising and modernizing the Standards of Practice of the practical nursing profession in Manitoba.

Standards are authoritative statements that define professional expectations. Standards describe what members of the public can expect from practical nurses, and establish the benchmark against which practice and conduct are measured.

The revised standards, once finalized and adopted, will apply to all CLPNM registrants including licensed practical nurses (LPNs), graduate practical nurses (GPNs), and student practical nurses (SPNs).

A draft of the revised standards is now available for review and feedback from LPNs, GPNs and SPNs, as well as those who manage or educate practical nurses.  Registrant and stakeholder input is valuable, and will help the CLPNM to ensure that the revised standards are clear to those who will need to apply them.

The content of the revised standards is included in the body of the surveys, however, if you wish to review the consultation draft as a whole, it is available here.

You can provide feedback by responding to one of the surveys using the links below:

Survey for Practical Nurses

Survey for Managers

Survey for Educators in Practical Nursing Programs

Please respond by March 7, 2021. The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.  If you have questions about the surveys or wish to provide feedback by another means, please contact Corey Sigurdson, CLPNM Policy and Practice Consultant, at