Notice of Error: Email Notice re the CCP Audit and Suitability Audit

In the early hours of August 15, 2023, some CLPNM registrants and former registrants received an email notice, in error, advising that they had successfully completed the CCP Audit and/or Suitability Audit.

Please note that these messages were sent as a result of a system glitch and should be disregarded.

We are looking into the cause of this glitch with our registration system vendor. Our vendor has assured us that your information remains secure. 

All those selected for the 2023 CCP Audit and/or Suitability Audit remain responsible for completing their audit requirements.

If you wish to confirm whether you were selected for either audit, please rely on communication from the CLPNM, sent to you prior to August 15, 2023,  regarding your CCP Audit or Suitability Audit participation.
Also note that, once registration renewal opens on September 1, 2023, those selected for the 2023 CCP Audit will be able to see that they are participating in an audit when they login to their online registration profile.

If you are a former CLPNM registrant, you can rest assured that the email sent to you in error does not mean that your status with the CLPNM has been altered. Your records with us still indicate that you are a former registrant.