Governing Legislation

The profession of practical nursing in Manitoba is established by, and regulated in accordance with, provincial legislation. This legislation sets out the profession’s scope of practice. Legislation also grants the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) with the authority to establish professional standards to guide the profession.

Professional Standards

All practical nurses in Manitoba must practise and conduct themselves in accordance with their professional standards. Professional standards ensure that the public can expect a consistent level of professionalism and competence from all members of the profession. These professional standards are:

Please note that Article 3 of the CLPNM By-Laws also specifies the rights and obligations of CLPNM registrants, some of which affect their practice.

Practice Guidance

Guidance documents are intended to help practical nurses, employers and stakeholders better understand the role and expectations of practical nurses within Manitoba’s health care system. These documents promote the understanding and application of the legislation, regulations, and professional standards that guide and direct practical nurses in Manitoba.


Recorded Presentations and Webinars

Other Resources

Other CLPNM resources, including those that provide guidance on registration requirements, can be found here.

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