Matters related to the conduct, competence and/or capacity of practical nurses may be referred to the CLPNM’s Discipline Committee following a review and investigation by the Investigation Committee.

For more information about the Discipline Committee process, please refer to section 32 of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act (the Act).

Upcoming Hearings

A hearing of the CLPNM Discipline Committee will be held pursuant to Part VI of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act on November 3 and 4, 2020.

Update of October 23, 2020: Note that, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this hearing will take place virtually using video conferencing software.

Pursuant to section 28 of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, hearings of the Discipline Committee are open to the public, unless the Discipline Panel directs otherwise. Members of the public who wish to view the hearing as guests are asked to register in advance and to review the guidelines for guest participation. Registrations will be accepted until 1200 hrs, November 2, 2020.

Notice of Hearing: November 3-4, 2020
Guidelines for Guest Participation
Guest Registration

Findings of the Discipline Panel

If, at the conclusion of a hearing, the panel finds that the practical nurse:

  • is guilty of professional misconduct
  • has contravened the Act or its regulations, the by-laws of the CLPNM, or the standards of the profession
  • has been found guilty of an offence that is relevant to the registrant’s suitability to practise
  • has displayed a lack of knowledge or lack of skill or judgment in the practise of practical nursing
  • has demonstrated an incapacity or unfitness to practise practical nursing
  • is suffering from an ailment that might, if the registrant continues to practise, constitute a danger to the public, and/or
  • is guilty of conduct unbecoming a nurse

it may:

  • reprimand the practical nurse
  • suspend or place conditions on the practical nurse’s authorization to practise
  • enter into an agreement to limit the nurse’s practice
  • direct the nurse to pay any costs incurred by the CLPNM associated with the complaint process, including costs incurred by the CLPNM for monitoring compliance with decisions
  • direct the practical nurse to waive, reduce or repay money
  • order counselling or treatment, and require the nurse to satisfy the CLPNM of their participation in the counselling or treatment, and/or
  • cancel the practical nurse’s registration.

Discipline Decisions

On average, the CLPNM receives 25-30 complaints per year. Most complaints to the CLPNM are of a nature that can be addressed at the Investigation Committee level, without a referral to discipline. The majority of cases are managed through approaches that focus on remediation. In this way, the CLPNM seeks to protect the public while also providing nurses, who have been the subject of complaints, the opportunity to restore their competence, professionalism and/or capacity for safe practice.  For a summary of Investigation Committee cases and decisions, please review the reports available here. 

If a complaint is referred to the Discipline Committee, and subsequently results in an order, that information becomes publicly available for six years, as per section 7(3)(c) of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act.  At the present time, there are no discipline decisions that meet the criteria for publication.

For information about an LPN’s current registration status, visit the CLPNM’s Public Register or contact the CLPNM.