Managing Complaints

When the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) receives a complaint about the conduct or competence of a practical nurse, the Executive Director notifies the practical nurse in question and sends the nurse a copy of the complaint. The nurse has 14 days to respond in writing to the complaint. The Executive Director also contacts the complainant, confirms receipt of the complaint and, if necessary, requests further substantiating documentation. The complaint, and any additional information gathered, is then forwarded to the CLPNM’s Investigation Committee. More detailed information about the role of the Investigation Committee and the investigation process is available in the following fact sheets:

Investigation Committee Decisions

After a full review of a complaint, the Investigation Committee may decide to:

  • investigate the matter further
  • refer the matter in whole or in part to the Discipline Committee
  • take no further action
  • accept the voluntary surrender of the practical nurse’s licence
  • censure the practical nurse
  • refer the matter for mediation
  • enter into an agreement with the practical nurse that provides for assessments, monitoring, supervision, counselling, remedial education, and/or conditions on practice
  • order the practical nurse to pay costs associated with the investigation and/or with monitoring compliance, and
  • take another action that is appropriate in the circumstances, and that is not inconsistent with The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, its regulations, or the by-laws of the profession.

The Committee will give the complainant and the nurse about whom the complaint was made a written notice of its decisions and the reasons for its decisions.


The nurse about whom the complaint was made may appeal an Investigation Committee decision only if the decision was to suspend or place conditions on the nurse’s licence.  Other decisions by the Committee may not be appealed by the nurse.

The complainant may appeal an Investigation Committee decision to the Board of Directors only if the Committee decides no further action is to be taken, accepts the voluntary surrender of the practical nurse’s licence, and/or enters into an agreement with the practical nurse. Before making a decision on an appeal, the Board will give the practical nurse and the complainant an opportunity to make a written submission. The Board is not required to hold a hearing. The Board will give both the nurse and the complainant a written notice of its decisions and the reasons for its decisions.

Investigation Committee Reports

These reports are submitted to the Board of Directors of the CLPNM prior to each board meeting. They are posted on the CLPNM website to inform registrants and the public of the Investigation Committee’s activity. Please note that these reports provide information on decisions made by the CLPNM Investigation Committee during the reporting period; they do not reflect the complaints submitted during that period. Open cases, which were not the subject of an Investigation Committee decision during the reporting period, are not included in the reports. As well, during each reporting period, the Investigation Committee may discuss and make decisions on cases that remain open from previous reporting periods.The Investigation Committee considers the unique circumstances of each case when making its decisions. For that reason, complaints described in these reports as having a similar subject matter may be associated with different decisions.

Records of Censures