Are you a nurse from another jurisdiction?

If you are moving to Manitoba and wish to practise in Manitoba as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), you need to apply for registration with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba. Your first step is to determine which application pathway is the correct one for you.

Credential Assessment Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses

The internationally educated nurse (IEN) credential assessment pathway is available to nurses educated outside of Canada who wish to practise as LPNs in Manitoba. This application process is tailored to meet the needs of international applicants.

Recognizing that most countries do not have a practical nursing profession, this application pathway provides unique supports to help IENs understand the expectations of the profession in Manitoba. The IEN credential assessment pathway includes a review of the IEN’s credentials and nursing competence to determine how similar they are to a Manitoba LPN. If the applicant requires further education to attain all the competencies required for practise as a Manitoba LPN, this application pathway provides access to an education program designed specifically for IEN applicants.

Learn more about the IEN application pathway here

Learn about financial supports that may be available to IENs here

Endorsement Pathway for Canadian Licensed Practical Nurses

The endorsement application pathway is available to practical nurses who are currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction. This application process supports the objectives of the Labour Mobility Chapter of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).  For endorsement applicants, holding LPN registration in good standing in another province or territory acts as the evidence that the CLPNM needs to be satisfied that some (but not all) of the CLPNM’s requirements for registration are met.  Be sure to review the application requirements carefully to understand which requirements you will still need to satisfy.

Read more about the endorsement application pathway here

Federal Government Transfers

If you are registered as an LPN in another Canadian jurisdiction and are moving to Manitoba as a result of a Federal Government (National Defence, Armed Forces, or RCMP) transfer, please contact the CLPNM office prior to starting the endorsement application process, as you may be eligible for an application fee reduction.

What if I fit the criteria for both the credential assessment pathway and the endorsement pathway? Which should I choose?

What if I do not fit the criteria for either application pathway?

If you believe you have the qualifications necessary for registration as an LPN in Manitoba, but do not fit the criteria for either of the application pathways described above, please contact us at for more information.