Practice Hours for Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many practice hours do I need to renew my registration?

You need at least 1000 hours of LPN practice in the four-year period prior to the year for which you are seeking registration.

This means that, if you are applying for 2022 registration, you need to have accumulated at least 1000 hours during the time period covered by:

 2. Why do I need to meet the practice hour requirement to renew my registration?

Maintaining your practice hours helps you to maintain your competence as a nurse. The requirement for 1000 hours in each four-year period is set out in The Licensed Practical Nursing Regulation.

3. How do I calculate my practice hours when adding my hours to my renewal application?

Number of hours worked per week: ________

Multiply by the number of weeks you worked over the past year: ________

Add overtime hours: ________  (Do not multiply your overtime hours by 1.5)

Subtract vacation time: ________

Subtract sick time: ________

Subtract any statutory holidays you did not work: ________

Total estimated practice hours: ________

 4. Will my hours be verified?

They may be.  The CLPNM reserves the right to request a verification of your practice hours from your employer(s). If you are required to have your hours verified, you will be notified in correspondence from the CLPNM.

If you are self-employed, or work under contract with a nursing agency, be sure to keep your own records of your practice hours. This might include billing records or pay stubs from an agency employer.

The purpose of verifying your practice hours is to confirm whether you have accumulated the required 1000 hours in the previous four-year period.

5.  Can I revise my hours if I later find that I estimated incorrectly?

If you later discover that you have entered your hours incorrectly in the CLPNM’s online registration system, please contact the CLPNM at and we can revise the hours for you. Our online registration system will not allow you to revise your hours yourself.

Also note that the CLPNM cannot revise hours that have been verified by your employer. If you believe the hours verified by your employer are incorrect, please contact your employer. The CLPNM will accept a revised Verification of Hours form from that employer.


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