Suitability Checks

New in 2021: If you are an LPN selected to supply your suitability checks as part of the periodic suitability check program, you will now be required to upload your documents directly into your CLPNM profile. Please note that the CLPNM will not be accepting these submissions via Canada Post or via email; however, we will continue to accept criminal record checks received through the Winnipeg Police Service Portal.

For information on how to upload your documents into your profile, please click here.

In keeping its duty to serve and protect the public interest, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) requires applicants and members of the profession to submit criminal record checks that include vulnerable sector searches, child abuse registry checks and adult abuse registry checks. These are referred to collectively as suitability checks.

If you have been directed by the CLPNM to provide suitability checks, you are required to provide all three of the checks listed above. Suitability checks allow the CLPNM to review past conduct and determine if it is in the public interest for an individual to be authorized to practise as a practical nurse. Suitability checks protect the public, and contribute to trust and confidence in the profession.

Who must submit suitability checks to the CLPNM?

All applicants must provide suitability checks as part of their first application to the CLPNM. These checks are also required when former members of the profession apply to reinstate their registration with the CLPNM. Active practising LPNs must answer self-disclosure questions every year during registration renewal, confirming there has been no recent change in status.

In addition, if the Executive Director has reason to believe that a registrant may have a criminal record or abuse registry record they have not disclosed, the Executive Director may ask the registrant to submit suitability checks as part of the registrant’s renewal application.

LPNs must also provide the CLPNM with updated suitability checks on a periodic basis, approximately every five years.  Those selected to provide updated suitability checks are notified individually, early in the registration year, and are required to submit all three checks by May 31 of the same year in order to be eligible to renew their registration for the following year. Please review the CLPNM’s FAQs on Periodic Suitability Checks for more information.

How do I obtain and submit suitability checks to the CLPNM?

Please review the CLPNM’s Fact Sheet on Suitability Checks for specific information on how to obtain and submit these documents. Registrants and applicants should anticipate a turnaround time of up to eight weeks at the government offices responsible for issuing criminal record and abuse registry checks. Be sure to apply as early as possible.

Where can I find more information?

Review the 2019 Suitability Check Results here. 

Additional questions may be directed to the CLPNM at:
1-877-663-1212 toll free


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