Regulated Health Professions Act

The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) is umbrella legislation that will eventually govern 22 regulated health professions in Manitoba. The RHPA does not yet apply to LPNs and the Government of Manitoba has not yet confirmed a transition date.  Practical nursing in Manitoba will continue to be governed by The Licensed Practical Nurses Act (LPN Act) and its Regulation until they are replaced by the RHPA.

The Reserved Acts

The RHPA contains a new approach to regulating certain health care activities. These “reserved acts” are activities that could pose significant risk or possible harm to the public if performed by someone without the necessary competence and skill.  The CLPNM will be responsible for proposing which reserved acts Manitoba’s LPNs should be authorized to perform. This proposal will be based on information about LPN education, current practice, competencies and skills. The Government of Manitoba will consider the proposal, and ultimately, will decide which reserved acts to authorize for the profession.

For a status update on the CLPNM’s transition to the RHPA, see here.
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View the CLPNM’s Frequently Asked Questions on the reserved acts for LPNs here.

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Input from LPNs and stakeholders will be important throughout the RHPA transition process. Please contact us with questions or to share related information about LPN practice.

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