Private Nursing Foot Care in Personal Care Homes

Updated: May 1, 2021

The single-site staffing order was extended, on May 1, 2021, for a further 6 months. Vaccinated staff may seek an exemption that will authorize them to work at more than one personal care home.

See here for more details. 

Posted: May 15, 2020

Many LPNs will be aware that the Province’s Chief Public Health Officer introduced an order, on April 29, 2020,  limiting staff of personal care homes to working within a single site. View the order here. 

LPNs who provide nursing foot care, in a self-employed capacity, within multiple personal care homes may have questions regarding how this order applies to their services.

Following consultation with provincial long term care administrators, the CLPNM interprets that, with approval of a personal care home (PCH) operator, foot care services provided by external, self-employed nurses may continue within PCHs provided that:

  • the service is essential,
  • the PCH operator has determined there is no other way for the service to be provided, competently and safely,
  • the foot care nurse notifies the PCH operator that they provide services at other PCHs (if applicable)
  • the PCH operator makes the decision to permit entry and the provision of the service, knowing that the foot care nurse provides services at other PCHs (if applicable), and
  • the foot care nurse wears the applicable PPE, follows appropriate infection control practices including hand hygiene, and participates in the staff screening process when entering a PCH.  Note that PCH operators may continue to expect that foot care nurses provide their own PPE.

Basic nail care, including hygiene (nail shortening) on residents:

  • who have intact skin, toenails of normal length and thickness, normal sensation, and palpable or audible dorsalis pedis pulses, and
  • who do not have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, which would make care of the feet a higher risk activity,

should be performed by PCH staff whenever possible. 

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