Five Facts About Complaints to the CLPNM

Some CLPNM registrants have questions about what happens after the CLPNM receives a complaint about a practical nurse’s conduct or competence. Here are a few quick facts about complaints you may not know.

  1. Each year, the CLPNM receives complaints regarding less than 1% of its registrants.
  2. When the CLPNM receives a formal, written complaint, legislation requires that the complaint be forwarded to the CLPNM Investigation Committee.
  3. The CLPNM recognizes that a complaint is not always an indication of wrong-doing. The purpose of conducting an investigation is to gather more information to help the Investigation Committee make a reasonable decision.
  4. When an investigation shows that an LPN’s practice or conduct has fallen below standards, the Investigation Committee’s decisions will be guided by legislation and by the public interest.
  5. While all cases are different, referring a case to a formal discipline hearing is not usually the first response. The CLPNM’s approach will depend, among other things, on the severity of the allegation and the extent to which the public is at risk of harm. When a nurse demonstrates insight, accountability and a willingness to learn from mistakes, the CLPNM will often address the complaint through education and monitoring.

See the Complaints page for more information. 

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