Notice re: Changes to CLPNM Public Registry and Public Information

On June 15, 2020, the CLPNM implemented a new registration system and database. In connection with this system upgrade, the CLPNM now has the ability to provide more detailed and meaningful information on its Public Register.

CLPNM registrants are asked to take note of the following changes.  These changes will support the CLPNM’s goal of enhancing transparency for the public, while also supporting the CLPNM’s transition to The Regulated Health Professions Act.

  • As of the date of the system upgrade, the CLPNM’s general practice will be to include a notation on its Public Register when a registrant enters into a voluntary undertaking agreement with the CLPNM. The notation will not provide details regarding the contents of the voluntary undertaking agreement, only that one exists. The notation will remain on the registrant’s record, in the Public Register, as long as the agreement remains in effect. A voluntary undertaking agreement is usually an agreement that provides for remedial education or monitoring, as a mutually-agreed upon resolution when there are questions about a registrant’s conduct or practice.  Note that voluntary undertaking agreements that were already in effect prior to the date of the system upgrade will not be noted publicly. This change will take place on a go-forward basis only.
  • Along with the system upgrade, the CLPNM will also begin noting, in the Public Register, the nature of the conditions on a registrant’s registration. Condition details will be noted while the conditions are in effect for a registrant, regardless of whether the conditions were applied before or after the system upgrade. As of the date of this post (July 14, 2020) the details of conditions have yet to be added to the Public Register. They will be added over the coming weeks. In the meantime, any person who has questions about the conditions on an registrant’s registration is advised to contact the CLPNM. Employers may wish to note that the new Employer Verification System, which will be available in early Fall, will also include information about the nature of any conditions on a registrant’s registration, as it did previously.

Although the publication of this information will now be the default, the CLPNM reserves the right to withhold information about specific voluntary undertaking agreements or conditions, under exceptional circumstances.

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