Selected for the CCP Audit? Wondering how to submit?

Please consult our revised CCP Instruction Guide, which includes updated instructions on how to submit CCP information for either the Quality Improvement Audit (Category 1) or the Quality Assurance Audit (Category 2). Instructions on how to submit begin on page 22.

Not sure if you were selected for the CCP Audit this year?

Login to your online registration profile, and open “My Emails”. If you were selected for either category of the audit, you will see a notice of selection from us sent in June, 2023. (Please disregard any emails sent August 15, 2023, which were generated by a system error).

Another way to check is through the “My Audit” section which will appear on the home page of your online registration profile beginning September 1 if you were selected for the audit.

Wondering when you will receive your audit results?

The CCP Audit will begin in January, 2024. Audit results will become available then. More specific dates will be posted to our CCP Audit webpage, closer to January.