The Canadian Culture & Communication for Nurses Program now taking registrations for SPRING 2019!

The Canadian Culture & Communication for Nurses Program is now taking registrations for SPRING 2019! (Start date: April 1, 2019)

Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses offers free online programs that have a variety of learning options to meet student needs.  It is designed to help internationally-educated Nurses/Healthcare professionals gain communication skills and cultural knowledge which are needed to enter and integrate successfully into healthcare in Canada.  Helping students gain the skills they need to pass English proficiency tests (CELBAN) needed to start the Nursing licensure progress is a priority.  Students are placed into a module according to their current language proficiency level. (Canadian Language Benchmark, IELTS, CELBAN, and LINC instructors reports are all accepted.)


12 week modules: April 1 – June 21’19

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Canadian Healthcare Communication (CLB/LINC 6, IELTS 4.5)
  • Module 2 – Intermediate Canadian Healthcare Communication (CLB/LINC 7, IELTS 6)
  • Pronunciation for Healthcare Professionals (CLB/LINC 6-8, IELTS 5+)

6 week Intensive modules (NEW APRIL 2019!)

April 1 – May 10’19/May 13 – June 21’19

Students do not need to take these modules consecutively. You can choose to take INTENSIVE 1 first, followed by INTENSIVE 2, or vice versa. It’s your choice. These modules are intended for those at a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 8+ or equivalent. 

  • INTENSIVE 1: Therapeutic Communication, Patient-Centred Care, Culturally-Sensitive Care, Cultural Safety and Indigenous Health, Lay Language.
  • INTENSIVE 2:  Cultural values, Conflict management, Dealing with Anger and Conflict, Assertive Communication, Reporting, Documentation.

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