Continuing Competence

Lifelong learning is essential to a nurse’s continuing competence.

CLPNM’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP) exists to ensure that Manitoba’s LPNs retain and continuously build upon their knowledge, judgment and skill. The program also ensures that LPNs remain up-to-date on evolving evidence and best-practice in their field. This contributes to high-quality, safe care for Manitobans.

Manitoba LPNs maintain and build their competence by:

  • maintaining a professional portfolio,
  • applying their knowledge, judgment and skill through active practice
    (at least 1000 hours in the previous four-years)
  • completing self-assessments
  • developing personal professional learning plans, and
  • meeting their learning goals.

All LPNs participate in these activities every year in order to maintain their registration with the CLPNM.

Section 15 of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act (the Act) requires that the CLPNM establish a continuing competence program which provides for supervision of the practice of licensed practical nursing, and which includes but is not limited to: reviewing the professional competence of members, conducting practice audits in accordance with the Act, and requiring members to participate in programs for continuing competence.

In order to monitor participation in continuing competence activities, the CLPNM conducts an annual review referred to as the CCP Audit.

Upcoming Education Sessions

CCP Information Session

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Participation in the session is available to active practising LPNs.

Unless you have been directed by the CLPNM to attend a CCP information session, you may view the recorded Continuing Competence Program Overview online as an alternative to participating in a live session.

If you choose to participate in a live CCP Information Session, you have the option of choosing to participate in person or by teleconference.

Please register at least a full business day in advance of the session using the registration form to the right.

If you choose to participate by teleconference, please be sure to check your email before the session for instructions on how to dial-in.

Dates are subject to change and sessions may be canceled due to low registration numbers.

In the event of inclement weather, the information session may be offered by teleconference only. Be sure to check your email for notices about changes, and for dial-in instructions.

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