About Us

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) is the professional regulatory body for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in Manitoba.

What We Do

We establish standards for practical nursing education programs in Manitoba to ensure LPNs entering the profession have the knowledge, judgment and skills they need for their roles.

We grant licences to Manitoba’s practical nurses, which includes evaluating each application for initial or renewed registration against the criteria for the profession.

We establish professional standards and guidelines so that Manitobans can expect professional, competent, compassionate, ethical, and safe care from LPNs.

We oversee the practice and conduct of practical nurses in Manitoba, which includes receiving and investigating complaints, and if necessary, taking action to protect the public.

The CLPNM is not an educational institution. If you are seeking information about practical nursing education programs in Manitoba, please contact one of the institutions listed here.


Lead, innovate, and promote professional excellence of the Licensed Practical Nurse in Manitoba and collaborate with our stakeholders in a changing health care environment to serve and protect the public.


We are dedicated to protecting and serving Manitobans through effective, transparent, objective, and supportive nursing regulation.

Strategic Plan


  • Respect:  “Creating a culture of equity, inclusiveness, and diversity, within our organisation, with membership, and with our external stakeholders.”
  • Integrity:  “Being honest, fair, consistent, and objective in our deliberations, transactions, and relationships.”
  • Collaboration:  “Engaging licensed practical nurses and other stakeholders in a cooperative spirit to build strong professional and public relationships.”
  • Quality: “Promoting excellence through the integration of emerging public policy and the consistent application of professional nursing regulation.”
  • Professionalism: “Providing nursing regulation that will support individual nurses to continuously improve their skills, knowledge, and expertise to offer the highest quality and exemplary professional services to those they serve.”

How We Work

In all of our work, we are guided by our duty to serve and protect the public interest. This duty is set out in Manitoba’s Licensed Practical Nurses Act. At the same time, we acknowledge that we operate within a broader, balanced framework of legislation and principles which provide for regulation that is in the public interest, but which is also fair and reasonable.

The CLPNM is committed to incorporating the principles of Right-Touch Regulation into its regulatory decision-making processes. Right-Touch Regulation calls for an approach to regulation that is proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable and agile.

The CLPNM is also committed to collaborating with stakeholders including government organizations, educators, employers and other professional regulators.

The CLPNM is a member of the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators and the Manitoba Alliance of Health Regulatory Colleges.