Applying for an Endorsement

The Endorsement Process

If you are registered as a practical nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction, you must apply for and be granted an endorsement by the CLPNM before you can begin working as an LPN in Manitoba. All steps in the endorsement application process must be complete in order for your endorsement to be granted. These are:

  • opening and paying for your endorsement application
  • completing your endorsement application
  • having your completed endorsement application reviewed
  • viewing a recorded education session and successfully completing a quiz on the jurisprudence for LPNs in Manitoba
  • applying and paying for your registration as an active practising LPN, and
  • having your registration approved.

All application forms are available below.

If you were educated as a nurse in another country, and do not hold registration as a practical nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction, please review information on how to apply for a credential assessment, available here.

Unsure whether to apply for an endorsement or a credential assessment? Please see here.

Please contact the CLPNM prior to submitting your endorsement application in the following circumstances:

  • You are moving to Manitoba from another Canadian jurisdiction due to a Federal Government (National Defence, Armed Forces, and RCMP) transfer.  Applicants who can provide evidence that their application relates directly to a Federal Government transfer may be eligible for an application fee reduction.
  • If you are registered in good standing as an LPN in another Canadian jurisdiction, and plan to deliver nursing care to clients located in Manitoba only by virtual means. You may qualify for a lower cost and expedited registration for virtual practice. Find out more here.
  • You are moving to Manitoba from another Canadian jurisdiction and were previously registered as a practical nurse in Canada but no longer hold active registration. In this circumstance. You do not qualify to apply for an endorsement but you may still be eligible to apply through another pathway.
Please email us with questions.

Application Forms

Endorsement applicants must use the forms provided by the CLPNM. Forms received that do not match those currently available on this site will not be accepted. Please be sure to read each document carefully and note that some documents must be submitted by you and others by third parties. If you require further information, please contact the College by email or by phone at 1-877-663-1212 toll free.