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Registration for Virtual Practice

Virtual Practice Eligibility

  • Are you a practical nurse, registered in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction?
  • Do you provide practical nursing services by virtual means (e.g. online, by telephone) while you are located in another Canadian jurisdiction?
  • Are some of your clients in Manitoba?  Or might they be?

If the answer to each of these questions is “yes”  you may be eligible for a low-cost and expedited registration from the CLPNM for the purposes of your virtual practice. 

Note that the CLPNM takes the position that you require a CLPNM registration to provide practical nursing services to clients who are located in Manitoba, even if you are located outside of Manitoba and provide these services by virtual means. This is the case even if you hold registration as a practical nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction. Individuals located within the geographical boundaries of the Province of Manitoba are entitled to expect the Manitoba standard of care from a practical nurse, regardless of where the nurse is located.

Before granting a lower-cost and more expedited registration for virtual practice, the CLPNM Executive Director must be satisfied that doing so is in the public interest. The CLPNM may request additional information from an applicant to support this decision.  If the Executive Director is not satisfied that a lower cost and more expedited registration is in the public interest, the applicant may still apply for active practising LPN registration through the normal process and at the normal fee. 

Please contact the CLPNM Registration Department for more information on obtaining registration for virtual practice.

Please ensure you also review the CLPNM’s Practice Direction on Telepractice.