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Licensed practical nurses (LPN) and members of the public play an important part in the regulation of Manitoba’s practical nurses.


Board Director

The Board of Directors of the CLPNM governs and oversees the management of the affairs of the CLPNM through its linkage with the Executive Director. The Board is comprised of active practising LPNs and public members. In accordance with The Licensed Practical Nurses Act and the By-Laws of the CLPNM, LPN members of the Board are elected from among the registrants of the CLPNM, and appointed only when there is an insufficient number of eligible registrants elected. All public members are appointed, some by the Minister of Health and some by the Board itself. To review the full eligibility criteria for membership on the CLPNM Board of Directors, please review Article 4 of the CLPNM By-Laws. The Board generally meets four times a year. Dates are set in advance and are posted here.

Education Approval Committee Members

The Education Approval Committee (EAC) reviews, evaluates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters related to practical nursing education programs in Manitoba. EAC is comprised of active practising LPNs and public members.The EAC generally meets three to four times a year.

Investigation Committee Members

The Investigation Committee (IC) reviews and facilitates the resolution of complaints against LPNs, in accordance with The Licensed Practical Nurses Act. The IC is comprised of active practising LPNs and public members. The IC generally meets for two full days every six to eight weeks. The IC may also convene emergency meetings between scheduled meetings.

Discipline Committee Members

The Discipline Committee conducts hearings and makes findings regarding the practice or conduct of LPNs in accordance with The Licensed Practical Nurses Act. The Discipline Committee is comprised of active practising LPNs and public members. When matters are referred to the Committee, the Chair will select a panel from among the members of the Committee to hold a hearing. Panels are convened only as required.

Practice Auditors

Practice auditors observe, evaluate and report on the practice of an LPN on duty, when assigned to do so by the CLPNM. The CLPNM maintains a pool of practice auditors from various areas of practice, each of whom may be appointed when the need for an audit arises. This opportunity is open to active practising LPNs.


Investigators gather information about the practice and/or conduct of an LPN when an investigation is directed by the CLPNM Investigation Committee. The CLPNM maintains a pool of investigators, each of whom may be appointed when the need for an investigation arises.

Continuing Competence Program Auditors

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) auditors are active practising LPNs who review and assess the CCP learning plans and activities of their peers during the annual CCP Audit. The Audit is carried out each year between January and April. CCP Auditors conduct the reviews online through the CLPNM’s online registration system, and therefore, no travel is required,. 

Appointment Process

One or more of these roles may be a good fit for you if you are:

  • able to carry out the role in a manner that serves and protects the public interest above all else
  • flexible with your schedule and able to attend the occasional daytime meeting,
  • able to arrange for your own transportation, and
  • prepared to serve for at least two years, for any board and committee positions.

If you can see yourself in one or more of these roles, please let us know by filling out the Expression of Interest form to the right.  The CLPNM will contact you for further information before any appointments are made. Board and committee appointments are made in June of each year, and appointees are notified over the summer months. Investigators and auditors may be appointed at other times. Those who are selected for these roles will be provided with orientation, training, and an honorarium or stipend.