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LPN Competencies

Entry-Level Competencies for LPNs

Entry-Level Competencies for the Licensed Practical Nurse in Manitoba articulate the competencies that today’s LPNs will have upon entry into professional practice in Manitoba.  These competencies reflect the theoretical and practical education, knowledge, skills, judgment, and attitudes required of beginning practitioners to provide safe, competent, and ethical nursing care in a variety of settings to clients across the lifespan. Readers should note that this document does not reflect all the competencies that fall within the full scope of practice of the profession. This document was last updated in 2022.

Nursing Competencies for LPNs

Nursing Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses in Manitoba provides information about the competencies that fall within the scope of the practical nursing profession in Manitoba. It includes those that are demonstrated at entry-level, as well as others that may be developed throughout the career of an LPN. No one LPN is expected to demonstrate all of the competencies set out in this document. Each individual LPN’s level of competence will be determined by their unique post-basic education, training and experience. This document was last updated 2022.

The Nursing Competencies document is meant to serve as a general guide for LPNs, employers, and other stakeholders, and must be interpreted in context of other documents that guide and limit LPN practice, such as the Standards of Practice and Conduct, Code of Ethics and Practice Directions. For example, the Standards of Practice and Conduct require that each LPN practice within their own level of competence.

Therefore, before carrying out any nursing activity described in the document, LPNs must self-assess and accept responsibility for ensuring they have acquired the comprehensive knowledge, judgment and skill needed to perform the activity safely, appropriately, and in the client’s best interest.

Determining Appropriate LPN Practice

Readers seeking guidance on how to determine whether an activity or practice environment is appropriate for an LPN in Manitoba are encouraged to review the CLPNM’s guide to Determining Appropriate LPN Practice.

CLPNM Information Sessions on Practical Nursing Competencies

The CLPNM is available to meet with employers  and other Manitoba health system stakeholders to share information on, and respond to questions about, the competencies today’s practical nurses.  Please contact the CLPNM by email to arrange a session or by phone at 204-663-1212 or 1-877-663-1212 toll free.