Learning Opportunities

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: An Opportunity to Learn and Reflect

The 2021 Standards of Practice and Conduct of the profession, and Entry Level Competencies, stress the importance of challenging racism and discrimination in the practice environment, considering the impact of colonization on the cultural, social and spiritual lives of Indigenous people, and contributing to culturally safe practice environments for clients and all members of the health care team.

The following resources are a few that LPNs may wish to review to engage in learning and un-learning about Canada’s past, to listen to experiences of racism in Canada’s health care system, and to assist in delivering and promoting culturally safe care.

CLPNM Approved Courses and Programs

  • Nursing Foot Care (Assiniboine Community College)
  • IV Therapy Course (Assiniboine Community College)
    Some practical nurses whose training pre-dates the current Manitoba curriculum, or who were trained in other jurisdictions, may be required to take additional education in IV therapy.  The IV Therapy course listed above is the course approved by the CLPNM for that purpose.
  • Physical Health Assessment (Assiniboine Community College)
    Some practical nurses who were educated in other jurisdictions may be required to take additional education in physical health assessment.  The course listed above is the course approved by the CLPNM for that purpose.
  • Practical Nursing Refresher Education (Assiniboine Community College)
    This education is available to former LPNs seeking re-entry into the profession, who do not meet all of the CLPNM’s continuing competence requirements.   Before registering, please contact the CLPNM to understand your unique refresher education requirements, which will be based on how recently you practised and how many hours you practised as an LPN.
    For more information on the reinstatement process, please see here.

Other Learning Opportunities

The following continuing education opportunities may be of interest to licensed practical nurses. These programs are not reviewed or approved by the CLPNM, and are listed here for information only. These lists are not comprehensive, and no endorsement by the CLPNM is implied. Also note that, while some of the resources listed on this page may be acceptable learning interventions for the purposes of the CLPNM’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP), and some may not be, such as those that provide the opportunity to review entry-level nursing knowledge. Consult the CCP Instruction Guide for more information.

*These courses are examples of courses that may assist LPNs in refreshing their entry-level competencies. LPNs should note that reviewing or refreshing entry-level competencies (while important) does not fall within the scope of the CLPNM’s continuing competence program.

Guides to Evaluating Information

If you plan to engage in self-directed study to augment your nursing knowledge, peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks and other scholarly sources are recommended. If you plan to review popular sources, such as web pages, be sure to evaluate the quality of the information. Here are some guides that may help you.