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New Practice Direction: Communicating With Your Regulator

The CLPNM has issued a new Practice Direction on Communicating with Your Regulator.

This document outlines a number of professional responsibilities including:

  • Keeping your personal contact information up to date in the CLPNM’s records.
  • Notifying the CLPNM of all your employers, including any agencies you work through, or any self-employed practices you operate.
  • Keeping information about your employers and your areas of practice up to date in the CLPNM’s records.
  • Responding to CLPNM correspondence, when a reply is requested or directed.
  • Making disclosures about issues that may affect your registration and practice, both throughout the year and when submitting an application for new or renewed registration, if certain circumstances apply to you.

As all CLPNM registrants know, the CLPNM has a duty to regulate members of the profession in the public interest. When you make honest, complete, and timely disclosures about information relevant to your registration and practice, you help us meet this goal.

Access the new practice direction here.

All practical nurses are expected to review and meet the expectations outlined in the CLPNM’s practice directions. If you have any questions, please contact us.