The CLPNM is responsible for the registration of Manitoba’s practical nurses.

In Manitoba, no person may practice as a practical nurse or use the titles associated with the profession unless registered with the CLPNM. This registration process  ensures that members of the profession have met entry-to-practice requirements and have the knowledge, skill and judgment necessary to provide safe and effective nursing care.

The CLPNM maintains three categories of registrants: licensed practical nurses (LPNs), graduate practical nurses (GPNs) and student practical nurses (SPNs). Registration processes include initial registration, annual renewal, resignation, cancellation and reinstatement.

Information about the practical nurses registered with the CLPNM is available here.

Information for Practical Nurses and Applicants

Initial registrations must be submitted by mail. Once registered, annual renewals and updates to registry information are carried out through CLPNM’s online registration system.

You can access the online registration system here.

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