Annual Renewal

Notice: Important Changes to the Registration Renewal Application Process

Please note the following important date changes for the registration renewal application process:

  • September 1: Registration renewal opens, and all registrants can access the renewal link in their online profile.
  • November 1: Last day to complete the registration renewal application process, in full, prior to the application of late fees.
  • NEW IN 2021:
    November 15: Last day to complete your online registration renewal application. The CLPNM will not accept any online registration renewal applications after this date. Registrants who miss this deadline will be eligible to apply for reinstatement after December 1.

LPN registration and authorization to practise expires every year on November 30th at midnight. Individuals who have not been approved for the upcoming registration year are no longer authorized to practice as an LPN after this date.

If you wish to practise in Manitoba for the upcoming registration year (December 1 – November 30), you must renew your registration.

CLPNM processing times may vary.  For the best access to support, and for an opportunity to submit any required information missing from your application before the deadline, you are strongly encouraged to complete your renewal application as early as possible after September 1.


Renewal Opens September 1

Registration renewal notices will be emailed to all active practising LPNs using the email address on record with the CLPNM. This registration renewal notice will advise you if you were selected for the CCP Audit.

If you did not receive your registration renewal notice, you can still proceed with your renewal as of September 1. Once logged into the online renewal system, you will be notified if were selected for the CCP Audit.

To verify whether your submitted registration renewal application is pending or has been approved by the CLPNM, please search your name or registration number on the public register, and click the details button. If your registration renewal application has been approved a section entitled “Future Registration” will appear showing the effective and expiry dates of the registration year you renewed for. If your registration renewal is pending, only your current registration will appear. The CLPNM communicates primarily via email and the onus is on you to check your email for correspondence from the CLPNM regarding any outstanding requirements.


What to Submit

A complete registration renewal application package includes all of the following:

  • An accurate and complete renewal form submitted using the CLPNM’s online registration system.
  • Submission of all documents required for the CCP Audit through your online profile (if selected to participate in the CCP Audit, you will have been notified via email and a notification will appear for your online profile after September 1)
  • Employer verification of your Manitoba practice hours (if requested, you will have been notified via email)
  • Submission of your suitability checks through your online profile (if directed by the CLPNM, you will have been notified in February via email to the address on record and a notification will appear for your online profile)
  • Full payment of all applicable fees  and outstanding amounts owed to the CLPNM
  • Submission of any additional information the Executive Director may require from you to confirm your suitability and eligibility to practise

Registrants required to provide additional information will be advised directly by the CLPNM. The CLPNM will communicate with registrants via email. Be sure to check your inbox and junk folder regularly for time-sensitive correspondence. Please note that notices sent to registrants by the CLPNM via email, or posted on the CLPNM website, are considered to have been served on the date they were sent or posted.

Once your complete application is received, it will be assessed against the criteria for registration. Based on information obtained during the renewal application process, should the CLPNM determine that an in-depth registration assessment is required, you will be required to submit additional documentation and pay the registration assessment fee.  Your renewal application will not be processed, nor will a registration decision be made, until the assessment is complete, and a decision is made regarding your eligibility for ongoing registration.  This assessment process can take up to 8 weeks once all information is received; therefore, it is important to renew your registration early to avoid additional fees and/or the expiry of your current registration.

Your registration renewal application must be complete and approved by midnight on November 1 to avoid late fees.


Between November 1 – November 15

If you complete your renewal application between November 1 and November 15 at midnight, you will pay a late fee in addition to the registration renewal fee.

Due to high processing volumes and processing times to ensure that qualified and eligible registrants are approved for the upcoming registration year, the CLPNM will not be accepting registration renewal applications after November 15.


After November 30

Your current year’s registration authorizes you to practise up to and including November 30th.

If you do not complete your registration renewal application by this date, your registration expires, and you are longer be authorized to practise. Without active CLPNM registration, you are not authorized to practise as an LPN in the province of Manitoba. Unauthorized practice is subject to penalty fees and disciplinary action and possible prosecution under The Licensed Practical Nurses Act. Additionally, the matter may be referred to the CLPNM Investigation Committee or Board of Directors for review.

Once your registration is expired or cancelled, should you wish to practise as an LPN in Manitoba, you will be required to reinstate your registration. For further information on the reinstatement process, please see the Reinstatement Fact Sheet.


Resigning Your Registration

​If you do not intend to practise in Manitoba in the upcoming registration year, please take the time to advise the CLPNM that you are resigning. This allows us to keep better statistics about the profession and assists in health human resource planning for the province. You can advise us by logging into your online renewal profile, and clicking the button beside the inactive registration box.


For More Information

Contact the CLPNM at, 204-663-1212 or 1-877-663-1212 toll free.