Reminder: Social Media and Electronic Devices

The CLPNM has experienced an increase in inquiries, complaints and concerns regarding LPNs’ overuse of personal electronic devices during working hours, and use of social media in ways that affect team functioning and confidence in the profession.

Registrants are reminded that overuse of personal devices during working hours can lead to under-involvement in client care, which in turn places clients at risk.  

For a refresher on your professional responsibilities on this topic, please review:

Registrants are also reminded that effective team functioning can easily be impacted when one or more members of the team use social media platforms to spread negative comments to, or about, coworkers and employers.

Even if such comments are made on personal time, and through personal social media accounts, the potentially negative effects on the team can lead to a breakdown in effective communication, which in turn, affects client care.

Registrants are also reminded that any images or words they post, even on personal social media accounts, may impact the public image of their profession, particularly if they identify themselves as a practical nurse (LPN, GPN or SPN) within the account. Before posting to social media, it is important to pause and consider if the post could affect public trust and confidence in your profession.  

Manitoba’s practical nurses (LPNs, GPNs and SPNs) are regulated health professionals. As such, their Standards of Practice and Conduct apply to their conduct while practising, and to their conduct during off-hours, if that conduct might negatively affect client care or the public’s trust and confidence in their profession.

For a refresher on your professional responsibilities related to social media, please review:

While the CLPNM wishes to share this reminder, we recognize that the vast majority of CLPNM registrants continue to use technology in ways that uphold their professional standards.