RHPA Update

Manitoba Health has designated the LPN profession as one of the next professions to undergo the transition to The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

In November 2022, the CLPNM submitted a proposal to Manitoba Health identifying the “reserved acts” we recommend be authorized for the LPN profession. This proposal was drafted following several rounds of consultation and information gathering with LPNs, educators and employers.

We are now working with Manitoba Health to gather additional information from health system stakeholders to help the Government of Manitoba make decisions on the reserved acts to authorize for the profession.

Note that there will be an additional public consultation period before Government’s decisions on the reserved acts are finalized. At that point, all stakeholders including LPNs will have an opportunity to review the proposed list of reserved acts and submit further comments for the Government’s consideration.

Although the CLPNM does not determine the timelines, we can advise that it is possible the LPN profession will be governed under the RHPA before the end of the 2023 calendar year.

Read more about the RHPA and the reserved acts here.

The CLPNM will provide more resources on the RHPA, the reserved acts, and their relationship to practice before the RHPA takes effect.