Self-Employed Practice

Self-employed practice* is associated with unique risks and responsibilities. Therefore, the CLPNM has established unique registration and practice requirements for LPNs who choose to practise in a self-employed capacity.

These requirements are set out in the CLPNM’s Practice Direction on Self-Employed Practice.

If you are an LPN who is considering establishing a self-employed practice, or if you already operate one, you are responsible for reviewing the practice direction and for meeting the professional expectations described within it. If you have questions about this document, please contact the CLPNM Practice Department at

Self-employed LPNs must also provide information about their business to the CLPNM in order to have their business name added to the CLPNM’s registration system. This makes it possible for the LPN to claim their hours as LPN practice hours, for the purposes of meeting the CLPNM’s practice hour requirements.

Please submit the following two forms to the CLPNM within 30 days of establishing your self-employed practice:

These forms may be submitted to the CLPNM Registration Department at 


*Note: the CLPNM formerly referred to self-employed practice as independent practice.  Any CLPNM documents or web pages that use the term independent practice can be interpreted to refer to self-employed practice.

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